Tuesday, October 22, 2013

means plants and flowers

Planned un Blomen, translated for non-North German, means plants and flowers.  Planned un Blomen is an oasis in the city between Hamburg St.Pauli, television tower, affordable option.  Was originally on this surface the ramparts of the Hanseatic city before 1863 to 1930 the zoo was located here.  Only in 1935 the site was expanded to include up to Dammtorbahnhof enough space for the plants show "Blomen planet and" to have.  Un Blomen planet today is a popular recreation destination for locals and tourists.  First, there is an incredible variety of plants and flowers, but also a Mege cafes, deckchairs and meadows.  Particularly noteworthy are the water concerts that take place every year from May to October.  Otherwise, there is still a great skating rink (in winter a skating rink) and above all very, very great playgrounds for children are designed very carefully.  In short, a must for every tourist, but also hamburgers should enjoy from time to time go forth herein and the environment.